Why is infidelity dating so popular nowadays?

In the United States, infidelity is all the rage. In fact, for the longest time in the online dating world, it was assumed that all the women that you find in all these adult dating websites are completely single. Fast forward to today and you will realize that the vast majority are actually in “committed…… Continue reading Why is infidelity dating so popular nowadays?


Sex Shop Customer Highs & Lows: Secret Diary of a Call Girl

This past summer I finally watched Secret Diary of a Call Girl, starring Billie Piper. I had been meaning to watch it for a long time as I’ve always been pro-sex work and fascinated by the experiences of women who live it. The series is based on the blog of a British, high-end escort who…… Continue reading Sex Shop Customer Highs & Lows: Secret Diary of a Call Girl

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The Last Middle-Aged Baby Doll

You were crafted from smoke and necessity. Bad breaks and broken beds and bent over. Fate’s unintentional, born again to busted lust. Wisps and faeries swaddling you in jaded armor, more grave than cradle. Utter self-immolation just beyond your grasp, and consistently escaping the bitter poison of warm contentment by just…that…much Plundered, picked-over, discounted if…… Continue reading The Last Middle-Aged Baby Doll

gluttony · greed · lust · pride · wrath

St. Punk of Jaded Urge

The tatted arms were nothing but a contrived ruse, camouflage for an urban blind, a hunt, a stalking. Sleeved with ink, fueled with endorphins, driven by the waft of pheromones and alcohol and simple, unmitigated vitriol, I strike. Understood by few, connected to fewer, I focus on you. Your pulse a droning, drowning focal point,…… Continue reading St. Punk of Jaded Urge