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It’s Raining Sex Bloggers!

I know that many of you who visit my site come (or “cum”, as it were) for my long list (size queen!) of bloggers I follow.

You can’t fool me, I know by the links you click from my page, you beautiful pervs!!!

I think it’s awesome!!

If my page is nothing more than a portal to more kinkery, more smuticism, more fuck-o-rama reading. If you find new carnal pen pals and dirty little pages you consume under your covers by the light of the laptop or smartphone…

…then I’m thrilled to la petite mort!

This is a community, and we only sometimes find each other by chance. By that one extra click to another page.

So let me give you a granddaddy of suggestions. Go here! Seriously, go and read the comment thread. It is a list of nominations for 2013 Top Sex Bloggers. Why wait for the list??? Find a new obsession or three, right now!

Go visit Rori at Between My Sheets and see the long, hard, thick list of submissions!

I think I have list envy. 😉


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