gluttony · greed · lust · wrath

With Hellish Delight

As the fog hangs low
And the Blood Moon wanes
When the chill of the night
Haunts my mortal remains

Under shadow and curse
With hellish delight
I rise with a hunger
Foretelling your plight

My whisper a haunting
A plague of desire
My touch like the embers
Of your funeral pyre

I rise up before you
With demon wings spread
Dead eyes undress you
Caress you with dread

A choir of curse’d
A chorus of damned
Unholy voices
Mark my demand

Your body, ’til lifeless
Your soul, ’til it bleeds
Eternity feeding my
Unspeakable needs

You’ll cum with such power
Such ungodly force
The eventual outcome
Is madness, of course

Once unforsaken
And twisted by lust
And ashes are ashes
And dust begets dust

I’ll unleash you upon them
As prophecy read
To lay them and slay them
My Slut of the Dead


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