Why is infidelity dating so popular nowadays?

In the United States, infidelity is all the rage. In fact, for the longest time in the online dating world, it was assumed that all the women that you find in all these adult dating websites are completely single. Fast forward to today and you will realize that the vast majority are actually in “committed relationships”, either they are married, engaged to be married, or are in long-term relationships. Why is this happening? Why is this trend blowing up right now?

Well the fact is, Americans are actually growing up. They realize that people are very sexual and that sexuality is nothing to be afraid of. You have to understand that we are all biological creatures. Just like any creature that needs to eat, sleep, shit, and piss, we also need to fuck. The problem is many relationships are defined in such a way that they are very constricting. In many relationships, the spouses look at each other as their properties. It’s easy to see why a lot of women hate that shit. They hate being looked at as a piece of property. They hate being looked at as a convenient piece of ass that their husband fucks from time to time. Instead, they’d rather have an emotional relationship on one hand and physical freedom on the other.

You have to remember that the reason why infidelity is so big in the United States right now on sites like https://www.affairsite.com is because both wives and husbands are growing up. While in the vast majority of cases, they might not have agreed to an open relationship, but in terms of actual practice and assumptions, they already have one. So don’t think that just because you have found a hot chick in an infidelity website that at some point an angry husband would show up and kill both of you. Don’t assume that will happen. In many cases, the husband already knows and is perfectly fine with the situation.


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