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The Last Middle-Aged Baby Doll

You were crafted from smoke and necessity. Bad breaks and broken beds and bent over. Fate’s unintentional, born again to busted lust. Wisps and faeries swaddling you in jaded armor, more grave than cradle. Utter self-immolation just beyond your grasp, and consistently escaping the bitter poison of warm contentment by just…that…much Plundered, picked-over, discounted if…… Continue reading The Last Middle-Aged Baby Doll

envy · lust · pride · sloth

Achievement Unlocked

“I say we play strip Magic: The Gathering!” she said, the mischievous glint in her eyes gleaming through her glasses. “I can’t, I really need to finish this report for work.” he replied, too distracted to even look up from the excel spreadsheet gracing his laptop. She sighed. “D & D/s? I’ll play as my…… Continue reading Achievement Unlocked